Day 2

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Thursday proved to be interesting and much the roller coaster. I woke up, still suffering from jet lag. Woke up a lil late. Did my normal 15-20 walk to the Overground line which I take to Euston and hop on the Northern to Leicester Square then walk about 15-20 more to covent gardens. It is a good 90 min commute as I am staying in zone 7.

I arrived at Covent Gardens and it seems as though, we got some mis-cues as I had no model. Quite bummed out about this and not having a phone to communicate on the fly sucks. So I just hung out in the area and met Igor Kolb around 12:30 and he brought me to his dressing room where I dropped off my bag and we went down to the theater. Once I sat down and took my position, I remember looking around in amazement. I mean, here I am in the ROH shooting Mariinsky’s dress hearsal.

During this time, I was supposed to have a shoot with Deanna who is a ballerina I met while shooting the BIBC. She was finishing up at the Royal School. I ducked out of the theater quick to see if she was there. I did not find her so I went back in but had to through the stage door area. Lady gave me a little bit of a hard time but allowed me in. I knew once I was in, I needed to hop on a computer in the staff lounge. I needed to check fb and message the girls from the ballet bag about our meeting. So as I was finishing up, the stage door lady was yelling at me again, now about this being a staff only area but since there was no one waiting I just needed to be quick. I was.

I then went and asked her for directions to the actual stage area which she could not give me. Nor could she escort me and also said she would get in trouble for me having my camera out. she suggested I try the lobby area with one of the ushers. I sweet talked my way with him and told him I knew where I was going. I didn’t but would find it. All of the doors I was trying, were locked. I did not want to go back to that lady again. Finally found one that led me to the orchestra pit, so I went in, hopped a railing and finished shooting the rehearsals.

At 5pm, I met the girls of the Ballet Bag for a quick bite and chat. It was a lovely time and enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them some. Before we knew it, it was close to 7 and they had to go pick up their tickets for Mariinsky that night. So I walked them up to the theater, said good bye then went home.

Fortunately, when I got home, I was able to chat with my wife for a bit, so that was very nice to end my day with. Got some neat shots of Charles Dickens Coffee House which is where he lived and worked for many years while running the newspaper. There are some shots of costumes on display in the ROH lobby, the Royal Ballet School, the police station building across from the ROH, a group that was performing in the Piazza, my room and other random shots.

Enjoy… Londons Calling!

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