Day 3

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I went into today somewhat optimistic. I felt that I had things lined up well and we were all set. I got up at a decent time, got to the ROH early and had a cup of Joe. At least I think his name was Joe. HA! Kidding. Eventually went over to the ROH to meet my model only to not find them. After an hour of waiting, I decided to take a walking tour of London. I hiked all the way to Buckingham Palace.

Along the way down The Strand, I stopped off and took some pictures of Benjamin Franklin’s house for my son. He loves that stuff and I was excited to be able to capture an image of something that would interest him.

Once I got to the palace, I was pretty happy. It was neat to see where the queen does her work (queening and vacuuming). Insert Laughter! From there, I wandered around aimlessly it felt. Saw some other old buildings, a statue of Florence Nightingale and some other cool things. I got tired and had enough so I made my way back over to Covent Gardens, stopping first at Mickey D’s for some fries and a pie.

I hung out at the ROH, eagerly and frighteningly (worried it would not happen) awaiting my model for my next shoot. I paced. I checked my watch. I paced. I saw a pretty blonde check her watch then sit down. I passed by her and tried to (as creepy as this may be) get a glimpse at the content of her travel bag, on the look out for a leo. Alas, none that I could see. So I eventually asked her if her name was Kelly. I’m sorry, no. After some time, I made my way into the lobby of the box office and saw a girl in the corner in a leo, pointe shoes and stretching! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

We said hello then walked to our first location. Her sister, Jamie, was also with her which was nice. Its an extra person to talk to, help us, etc. So, we traveled around, shooting in various locations – Piazza, Skate Park and ended up over by the eye. I really enjoyed working with her. She was adventurous and very sweet. Jamie, her sister, was a doll too. Definitely makes the day go easy!

It was night time when we wrapped and said our goodbyes. I took, unintentionally and par for the course as always, the long and seriously round about way to get to the tube. What would a long tube ride home be without 4 drunken sailors, wearing sailors hats, singing and serenading the other passengers with horrid renditions of Beatles tunes?? Quite amusing and of course they got off on my stop.

Here are some pictures from the day. Time to rest up and prep for tomorrow, because… Londons Calling!


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