Day 5 ~ Ahhh…. a day off!!!

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I already blogged about this day on another site, but here it is…

I always admire those who seem to have that formula down and seem to be at peace, not hurried or tense.

A good friend of mine, Cheryl, had reached out to me on Facebook about meeting a photog friend of hers who lives near where I am staying in Watford. David and I became friends on Facebook and soon began to plan a meeting. I mentioned to him that my day off was Sunday and I would love to meet him, but was not eager to hop back on any trains as I am worn down from the traveling. He offered to pick me up at the hotel and show me around his studio and general area.

Sunday came and he swung by and picked me up. We headed over to his studio and he gave me a tour. Along the way over, we had a nice chat about business and how we each got started, etc. I have a lot of take-aways from this car ride alone! I was fascinated with his success and business acumen. What struck me more was how grounded he was. He was very humble and appreciative of his success and blessings. He was very warm and affable.

After the studio tour, which was fabulous, we went to his home for a quick bite and tour the country side. We made a quick stop off to pick up his daughter and toured the public school she went to. Amazing architecture! Finally we got to his house and grabbed a bite to eat. Here, I met his wife properly and his son. We went for a walk with his dog and chatted some more, sharing stories and I inquired about his business some too. Finally, as we were heading out to take me back, he was telling me how good his son is at songwriting and asked him to play his new song for me. He didn’t think he would, but he sat down with this guitar, playing and singing. David also had a guitar and wound up joining in. What a fun time that was.

This was an amazing day and just the kind of day I needed! I sensed early, the strong bond the family had. They were so in tuned with each other and you can sense their relationship and harmony. His kids are also 20 & 22, which certainly helps.

I needed this day. God gave it to me. I needed it because I needed some relaxing down time. I needed it because it gave me cause for reflection and inspection. My take aways? I need to have more down time, I need to take more time to enjoy my family, I need to relax and find a release that is not work or charity related. Usually, when I get antsy, I take on a new project and over-extend myself. So, I need to find some kind of hobby that doesn’t lead me to another crusade. Need something that will relax me or at least give me an outlet. I am also jealous that he can play guitar. I just need to slow down some. I also have some nice ideas for my business.

So, thank you to David and his wonderful family for their hospitality and sharing their day with me. Thank you to Cheryl for making this connection for me. I am anxious to get home and enjoy my family and find a release. We have a crazy life and I love it, but we need to find ways to settle down some and enjoy it more!


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