Day 7

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, my last day working in London is finally here. It was another great and easy day. I had only one shoot scheduled. Today, my model was Yasmine from the Royal Ballet. We met at the opera house and wandered about some. We used some spots I had done previously, but in different ways and using different poses. Yasmine was a sweet girl and I loved working with her. We walked around, seemingly, aimlessly. In our excursion, we found a lovely park which yielded some great images! Then we started walking back towards the opera house when we found an old building with great pillars! This was just wonderful! As we shot, we talked and shared stories. She was another one who was clearly appreciative of her good fortune and to be where she was in her life and career. This is always nice!

We wrapped the shoot, very satisfied with the images captured. She walked me up towards Leicester Square and we said our goodbyes. I made my normal journey back to Watford and fortunately, it seemed quick.

As I sat in my room, I was on my laptop chatting with my wife, recounting things and looking forward to getting home. By this point, I had several friends inquire on my safety due to the riots. I assured them all I was safe and well away from the nonsense. That changed, if only for a brief moment. My room overlooked a busy street, so I was quite used to hustle and bustle, loud and vulgar language, domestic disputes and even the nightly game of stick ball. So, when I heard some commotion outside, I thought nothing of it initially. Something caused me to peek out the window and when I did, I saw 20-30 black kids walking, throwing things, uprooting barricades, yelling about how they can move it anywhere. By the time I realized what was happening, they had left the street and countless police cars and vans went flying down the street, following by close to a dozen cops on foot.

I did get dressed and ran out with my camera only to find no action. The one cop asked me what I was doing to which I answered and she kindly told me to mind my camera so it doesn’t get looted. I took her sage advice, told them both to be careful out there that night to which she replied, you too. With that, I headed back to the safety of my room and continued to chat with my wife.

After saying goodnight to my wife, I found myself very anxiety ridden. I did not want to go to sleep as there was part of me that did not want this trip to end. But alas, I had to be up quite early to catch buses, etc, so I gave way to this and took my rest. Even as I am typing this, I am reliving that same feeling of not wanting it to end!


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