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Monday was a great day for me. It was very laxed. I did not have to be in town until the afternoon so I was able to take my time and ease into the day. It also marked the near ending of my trip, which was bittersweet for me.

Today I had a shoot @ 1pm with Tom Whitehead, soloist with Royal Ballet. This was actually for Barre Boys, but may use an image or two for Londons Calling. Tom and I met at the stage door of the Royal Opera House. We greeted each other with warm smiles and handshakes as we made our way over to the old police station. Our poses were simple yet very impactful. He was in jeans, sneaks and a white tee, so we had him hanging off the railing and such. As we were shooting, Sian Murphy, also of RB, walked by with her sign class. We all exchanged hellos then resumed shooting. One of her friends saw the shot I was composing and needed one so he sent Sian over to recreate that pose with her, which I grabbed a shot of. Then I asked Sian to play photographer and grab a shot of Tom and I as *I* recreated that pose, hanging from the railing as Tom posed in a chill fashion behind me. What a fun thing to have a member of the RB take your picture with another member of the RB. Sian was a very sweet & warm person! I made sure to message her later on saying a proper hello and introduction.

After the shoot, Tom and I headed to a local restaurant and enjoyed a very engaging conversation over a couple of beers. This was just awesome! We talked about how he got into ballet, his life, goals, etc. We talked about me, my story, Dominic and Hope Dances and of course, my wonderful family. I was very touched by the fact that Tom was as interested in learning about me that I was him. We chatted about hip hop and how we are both working on some paralells with ballet and hip hop. After close to two hours, it was time to say good bye. We walked to the opera house and parted ways. The one amazing thing about working with Tom and our lengthy conversation was there was never at one point where it felt awkward. I immediately felt comfortable and it quite resembled two old friends chatting over a few pints. I very much enjoyed the comfortability this encounter presented. Tom is a wonderful guy and I am truly honored to know him. I very much look forward to working with him again and strongly feel that as he and I have similar passions, it is envitible that we will be working together in the future!

What a very great day this was!!!